Gloom Sculpting Complete

Hurray! She's done being "defined." I considered adding scratches and other fine detail for the normal baking, but I think it would get lost and muddy in the end. I've had more success with such details being added in the specular map, so that is where it will be realized. Without further ado, here are the shots of the finished sculpting.

I'm pretty happy with the result. I got a little worried about the poly count. All totaled, at highest resolution, she's around 60m triangles. I ended up dropping it all down a level, though, so it's a comfy 14m triangles (pictured). That should be suitable for baking normals and AO inside Max. If not, I can always resort to xNormal.

I'm debating whether or not I should move on to the low-poly version, but immediately upon writing that, I know I need to sculpt her axe first. It's a small concession, since I love working on weapons. =) Once that is done, though, I will do all my baking and then proceed to paint the diffuse and specular maps onto the low poly mesh. Technically, I could paint the high poly version and bake everything all at once, but I feel things go faster on the low poly mesh, since it is easier to manipulate the lower triangle count and I'll know what detail the normal map is picking up.

Anyway, I've learned a lot about character sculpting. My Mudbox work-flow has been refined and made more efficient. It's really a powerful program. It just requires a different approach than Max (and probably Zbrush). I will say I'm more interested in checking out Zbrush. Though, I think I may wait until after Dominance War V before really digging into it. It's a very alien interface, and I think it will require a different approach than either Max or Mudbox.

Note: I'm still getting used to Mudbox's materials and rendering, so forgive the dark skin tone. She will look slightly more alive in the end.


I said I'm done sculpting, but that was a lie. I'm going to do a pass of dents/scratches on the metal parts with some stencils. I'm also considering adding some slight warping to the enamel the same way.


  1. Looks suh-wheat! I love the little details like the knee high leather boots. Now texture dat shyeeeit!

  2. Thanks, Joel! The leather boots are Erika's favorite part. ;) I'm super excited to get to texturing. It should help motivate me to sculpt her Battle Axe ASAP. The low-poly for that is already made, so it shouldn't take long. It's an interesting feeling to be excited to see what I do with the texture detail. Like, "OMG! What will he do?!" then, "Wait, I'm the one doing it..."