An Overcast Sculpt

After many breaks to work on other projects, I've finished the mid-res construction of Gloom (coincidentally on the same day the pre-comp starts for Dominance War V). I was feeling a bit blah about it once I got most of the armor in place, but after adding straps, buckles, and a bit of spinal protection (inspired by my wife's diligent studies of Chiropractic), I think she's lookin A-okay. I'm pumped to see what some ornamental detailing and battle marks will do for her. Plus, I'm a sucker for glow shaders, so it will be fun to see those black stones rimmed with magical goodness. Okay, okay. Thanks for reading. Here's the shot!

Things I'm thinking about as I move forward:

-Low-Res Modeling- Which parts will be all one mesh? Which parts will be segmented? Which parts will be mirrored, and how will I be sculpting/painting those details?

-Low-Res Poly Counts- There's quite a bit of profile geometry on the mid-res meshes. It may take a bit of extra time and luck to fit her comfortably into 8k. I think I'll need 1k for the cape to deform well. 1k is still reserved for her axe, too. I've round-filed the shield idea in favor of some bulky left arm plating.


  1. Looks cool. Can't wait to see it textured/finished. The black on red in the detail is super intense O_o

  2. Thanks, Joel! Yeah, the red details do look a bit intense in this shot. Hopefully, once the blood red enamel is in place, it will give it more of a gradient to the intensity. I'm not opposed to toning it down a little, if I need to. I've also added a lot more sculpted detail than the concept shows, so I think there will near-black etching to give the scheme even more of a gradient. Thanks for checking it out!