Gloom Axe Sculpt Finished

After playing with sizes and looking at reference, I decided to go with a 2-handed long battle axe. It allows for some more dynamic posing, since I decided not to go with a shield. Looking at some image searches, most battle axes don't seem to have anything more ornate than leather strap wrapping for the grips, so I went with some criss-cross leather on the handles. The center beveled section of the pole is designed for blocking and catching enemy weapons. The bolted on plates of the blade have a wrought iron texture to them. I'm still figuring out how I want to arrange the metal shading on the various parts. The three jagged blocks on the left side are for catching/breaking blades. Below is the design I started with. I'm happy with the changes. :)

Time to do some tests with the cape and see if the arm extension is going to work. After that, I'll do a little fine tuning on the sculpts, and then it's low-res modeling and baking time. Yay!

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