Mission Medical Mitigated

I just finished uploading all of the images for my application to 3D4Medical.com and fired off the application.


  1. very nice! Medical illustration is a racket I never considered getting into, but it looks like you've got a damn good start here. I feel like maybe the eye seems to be more glass than a wet material, but that might be more of a limitation of the 3d program than anything. Not that it really matters in a stylized cutaway anyway! You got any more of these?

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Russ! I had a talented friend from high school who did 2D medical illustration full-time, so I know it's out there if you're interested.

    This one was more of a stylized illustration, so I didn't push the photo-realism too far. What would you say makes it feel glassy? A mild bump map on the sclera would probably warp the highlight a little, giving it a more organic feel. Or is the highlight just too glossy for your tastes? I'm always open to crit!

    This is my only medical illustration so far, as it was tailored toward a specific app submission. I might do more, but I'm still largely focused on the gaming industry. I'm in the middle of modeling an old character concept in 3D so I will be be warmed-up for the coming Dominance War V. You might consider entering it, too. There's a section for 2D entries as well as 3D. The prizes are pretty sweet, and the recognition is worth even more.