Head Model

This is Gloom's head model (done in Mudbox), so far. Deciding to start on this was a 2-fer, because I get to work on Gloom, AND I get to use it for my application to the medical modeling job I mentioned in the previous post.

I'm cutting it off at this point to start on the eyeball model. That model will be focusing on where the eye is positioned in the head and how the exterior eye muscles attach. I was thinking of doing a dissection of the eyeball, but they already have that on their website, so I decided to make something sort of unique, as far as their current products go.

Oh, by the way, Milla Jovovich (of Resident Evil, Fifth Element, and Dazed and Confused fame) was the reference for this head. It was her face I originally referred to on the Gloom concept, so it seemed a natural choice for the model reference. It's kind of hard to tell with the model being bald, but I think I did a fairly accurate job of it. It is very hard to find a picture of her where she's not smiling or her lips are not slightly parted (it seems to be her signature look for modeling jobs).

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