A New Beginning

Sooooooo... much has happened since my last ancient post.

A quick synopsis of events leading up to now:

-didn't get hired at Zombie
-got hired at Super X Studios as an environment artist for Greg Hastings Paintball 2 (to be published by Majesco on X-Box 360, PS3, and Wii)
-moved to Iowa for wife's chiropractic schooling
-about to finish up my contract with Super X, which they were so gracious to transform into an off-site contract up to now

Super X has been a fantastic experience. I was completely responsible for 5 locations in their line-up over 7 months. It was an incredibly daunting schedule for what was required, as environment art was split between myself and only one other artist across 3 systems. It didn't leave a whole lot of margin for mistakes. That being said, the crew was fantastic to work with. I signed on to a Dev team of two programmers and three artists (counting myself). By the end, we had four artists, four programmers, and five testers. All of them rock! Thanks for the wonderful contract and experience guys!

That being said, I now find myself without work in... Iowa. What is a 3D artist to do?!

Well, for one, I've decided my portfolio looks like rubbish. For another, there are some companies that farm out work to off-site artists. "Whaaaaat?" you may ask. It's true! They're out there. No really, I've seen their websites. Srsly.

To track this new adventure, I'm rededicating my blog to rounding out my skills, knowledge, and portfolio. This is going to be my incubation time. I've got 3-4 years to regroup and hone my skills. Hopefully, I'll be slam dunking some off-site contracts as I do this, but whatever it takes, I'm going to be ready to hit the ground running when we return to an area more conducive to the gaming industry.

This will be my grad school, in a way. And just who are my teachers? Well, you of course! If you'll have me as a student . I'm going to be digging back into the forums (most likely Game Artisans), and anything I do on there, or otherwise, will get posted here. It is then your job, as my teacher, to tell me which parts rock and which parts suck.

I'm sure anyone who WAS following me has realized that I failed to update once I got work, but I'm going to be hounding a few of you. I'll be working on both 3D, 2D, and even a little animation as get comfortable with moving environments. Joel and Akio have no choice in being a part of this, but I'll be hoping that you other art nerds feel the need to gut punch my art now and then. I will learn no other way! =D

Oh, and you critics... feel free to post anything relevant to what I'm doing in the comments: links, tutorials, artists, software... W/E you think would help me. Thanks in advance! Oh, and I am more than happy to reciprocate crit to anyone who wants to help me. To be honest, my crit is much better than my art, at this point. I KNOW much more about art than I SHOW, and I'm fairly good at being nice about it (Joel and Akio exempt, as they need to be punished regularly)!

Thanks all!


  1. Hehehe good to have ya back man. Hope Iowa is treatin' ya well.

  2. Is good time! I'm glad you're back in action from your blogging vacation as well. I've got a new project I've already started on, and I gotta say, it's developed faster than any other personal project I've done. Details to come shortly...