Sick + Tired = ?

So, I've been sick. Good stuff. I've also decided not to revisit those old pieces just yet. Thanks for your words of shame for not posting more, Joel. ;) I keep sitting down to do some art, and I just kind of stare at my screen. I've been doing a lot of reading (for me, anyway).

Zombie said they want to have me in for an interview in the next few weeks. They're not quite poised to hire yet, but they want to have people lined up for the green light.

I also have a smaller art test to complete for another company.

As for personal projects, I've decided to go for the quadumvirate (better than a triumvirate). I'll be making four separate and distinct environments that display my skill and diversity of style. It's going to be a long haul, but I'll be completing them one at a time, in order to have something new to pop up on my site. I'm in the documentation phase of it right now. I'm strongly considering having them all link to each other in an actual playable world in the UT3 engine. There won't be too much "fun" to be had in them, but it'll let people look at my art up close and personal. So I'm approaching the whole thing as professionally as I can. Design docs, schedules, concept art (just for you Joel!), models, lighting, skyboxes... the whole shebang! So bear with me as I build up to the conceptual stage, at which point, you'll be seeing plenty of (hopefully not bad) art.

That's where I'm at. So stay tuned. Same Dudra URL, different Dudra time. That's a poorly executed pun, but I refuse to delete it.


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  1. Good luck with Zombie, it sounds like you've got a good plan!