Omega-093 Terraforming Test Facility

So, I've started my first project since my official contract end (I'm still doing piece-meal bug work for Super X, atm). This one's coming together quick, and paired with some crit and suggestions from the wife, I've got a strong basis for an environment. I've written a mock mission brief for it (which I'll post right after this one, since it's a bit longish), I've finished a brief bird's eye sketch of it. I've also started the basis for the geometry (which I'll also post).

I'm feeling pretty good about this one. Ideas for it have come and gone, but the creme is starting to rise to the top, as a clear mental images start forming in my head. Initially I was going to do an interior and exterior environment, but I want to finish the first pass within a month. I'm super excited about the exterior, so that's what I will focus on. I will define the interior of one of the structures, but the rest will just be what you can see from the outside.

Omega-093 is the name of this project. The subject is a terraforming test facility on an alien planet which focused on developing hybrids between Earth plants and alien plant life. The mission brief goes a bit more into detail, but the gist is that one of the experiments went horribly awry and caused the station to lose contact with home base.

This is getting long, but real quick, it's set 200 years in the future. Architectural and industrial design is advanced beyond ours, but there is enough similarity to be familiar. The facility is set atop a mountain, where metal and stone could be extracted to construct the facility. There is a giant alien plant which has busted out of one of the greenhouses and taken over half of the facility, spreading its tendrils and roots like an infection. Picture "Little Shop of Horrors" melded with "Aliens."

Stay tuned for an immediate second post with the layout and mission brief.

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