Gloom Concept Revised

So this is my Gloom concept after all of the revisions. It seems like a drastic improvement over what I started with. The armor design is more put together and thought out, the lighting is much more accurate, and I feel like her face reflects the character better.

As with all concepts, I'll have to see how it works out in 3D. As mentioned in the previous post, movement is a concern. The main puzzles will be the Cuisses (thighs) and the Spaulders (shoulders). I don't have any current plans to do any actual animation, so it will just be a matter of being able to pose her. I'm not entirely sure how the cape would be handled by an animator (probably a few bones or simply controlled by an engine cloth system against the player collision), so I'll most likely use the Max cloth system to drape it over any poses I might do and bake it down to a low-poly mesh.

By the way, if any of my animator friends out there are inspired to bring her to life, I MIGHT be convinced to work with you on making the end result animation-friendly. I feel like I could do her justice, but animation is not my goal these days. It should be fairly easy to rig her in the end, since she will only total 10k triangles or less, and much of it will be rigid armor pieces (although that might require some creative rigging to make the armor move properly).

The next step in this project is going to be creating the high resolution model in Mudbox. I'm fairly comfortable in the software, but I haven't really used it for characters much, and especially not with an armor set. I'm filled with both excitement and trepidation at this prospect. The first target will be to familiarize myself with the best way to create the high-res version for optimal normal map exporting. It may be a week or so before I have anything to show in 3D. My main obstacles are dealing with so many individual armor bits and figuring out which ones should be separated in the low-res version.. Wish me luck!

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