Website Reconstruction etc.

Just want to say that I've been working on my website the last few days. It should be done some time tomorrow if I can make the grind.

EOW #107 on is "Your Own Island Paradise." I'm trying to push my style a bit and do something cartoony for it. I also wanted to lean away from doing the cliché idea of a beach, so I'm running through some things in my head. I did up a small color comp of a "space island." It looks alright, but I wasn't too inspired about it, especially in the cartoony style. I'm thinking I want to have a frige full of beer and a recliner facing a sunset as part of the environment. The only requirements for the thing is that it needs to be away from civilization, and it needs to incorporate a fishing boat. I'm starting to lean toward a lake island reminiscent of the one Bono's character lived on in Across The Universe, only without a bridge. It would be fun to make a rickety, amalgamate vertical house with a little balcony containing the recliner and beer frige. An above view would be fun to play with, and the sunset lighting could really blow out one side in color. Hmmm... I so often come up with ideas I like as I write. I should probably do this more. Anyway, now I have something to work on when I get burned out on website work.

Thanks for listening!

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