EOW #106 WIP - Color 1

So here's the first pass of color on the expanded comp. I'm pleasantly surprised with how the "natural" side turned out. I have to keep slapping my own hands to stop from polishing that side of it. Obviously, the left side still needs lots of attention. I think I have to wrap this up by Wednesday? Even if it doesn't look so hot by that point, I'll end up finishing it for my website. I've learned a lot on this one. Using photo textures has always seemed like the Devil's work to me, but damn it really helps to plan out my thoughts. I have to remind myself that the end goal is to communicate a visual idea. If it looks good and gives the right information, there's hardly an Art Director alive that would scoff at the process. Sigh. Repeat with me boys and girls: I am not an illustrator. I am not an illustrator. I am not an illustrator. Okay, so I wouldn't mind doing illustrations, but I LOVE doing 3D, and this is a vehicle for that process.

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