A New Leaf

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, everyone or anyone that happens to read this. On March 5th, I got laid-off from my job, due to lack of funding. The following day, I went out of town to visit the in-laws in Kansas for 5 days. Then, I immediately got sick when I got back. The wife stayed in Kansas for an extra week (picking her up tonight!). About the time I started feeling a bit less bad, I received an invitation from Zombie Studios (I applied the morning of the day I got laid-off, ironically) to take an art test. So, I've been working on all that. Hopefully, this will all suffice for an excuse! I'll see if they'll let me post my art test results, but chances are they won't, since they probably don't feel like writing a new test for people. If everyone knows your test, how good of a test will it end up being? Anyway, I have two weeks to do this, so I might be MIA just a bit longer! Sorry to all my awaiting fans!

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