Gloom Textured

She's fully textured and ready to rig. These are just some basic scanline rendered shots from Max. I'll be doing the final display shots in Marmoset or UDK. I'm leaning toward Marmoset for its easy setup, but I'm new to it, so we shall see.

That being said, it may be a bit before I do that and post it, since Dominance War V finally started this week and I'm working on my concept. Once that's done, I'll probably need some breathing room and will finish Gloom up. Here's a link to my DWV W.I.P. thread: Aesimoch: God of Balance. I welcome any and all to join me in the competition. =)


  1. Jeeze man that is pretty sweet... Now you need to make something for the business end of that axe to bludgeon.

  2. Thank you, おじいちゃん!

  3. Yeah, I want to make some sort of nature/earth golem in the near future. I was thinking I'd do that for Dom War V, but my designs veered away from that into something my mystical and ethereal.