Omega-093 Mission Brief and Layout

Reconnaissance and Rescue Mission Briefing:
Terraforming Test Facility


Persephone IX Solar System, Planet Charybdis

Mission Background:
Communication with Omega-093 Terraforming Test Facility was last received on 22.5.2306 at 04:17:86 GMT. This communication was made by Dr. H.K. Hoffman, Chief Scientist of the facility. The message mentions a new discovery in the hybridization project being conducted between Earth flora and the native plant-life of Charybdis. There was also mention of plans to move forward with testing theories surrounding the new knowledge. Details of the discovery were to be outlined in a later report, but said report was never received. It has been over thirty days since last correspondence with the facility, which has prompted an investigative recovery mission.

Mission Objectives:
-Determine the status of the Omega-093 Terraforming Test Facility and report your findings
-Locate and, if necessary, rescue Dr. Hoffman and other facility staff members
-If possible, restore the facility to normal working order

While Charybdis maintains a high surface temperature and has no known bodies of water on its surface, the water vapor in the air is dense. This vapor, combined with the intense and fluctuating ground temperature leads to chaotic and dangerous weather patterns. Fierce electromagnetic storms have been reported along with extremely high wind speeds and may be the cause of communication loss with the facility. (Note: These swirling storms were the inspiration for naming the planet after the Greek monster of stormy whirlpools.) It should also be noted that despite having received no reports of animal life on the planet, there have been reports of near-animal intelligence and speed from certain species of vegetation. As always, use caution when encountering alien life forms.

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  1. You've got me stoked Mr. Dudra and I dig the story. I want to see what has happened to the poor green thumbs and I'm really excited to see what you do with the texture maps. I urge you caution on using the mirror function when building the geometry. Since the location was chosen because of the natural elements and minerals at the site, it would lead me think that portions of Omega 93 should have to form around some of the things they couldn't move i.e. cliff side, crater or crevasse. I want to see more. I hope all is well in farm country