Tower Concept (Low Angle) WIP #2

So here it is after rotation. I feel much better about it like this. I worked the clouds a bit more, too. I'm going to go do some studies for now. I definitely want to work this one to a fairly polished state, but I've got to figure out how these colors are going to work. Baby steps. I was reading through my recently-acquired copy of D'Artiste's "Digital Painting 2." I came to the realization that all of the inspirational works that Daniel Dociu (my current model for success) put into his section were his coworkers at ArenaNet. Damn, do I have a ton of work to do! I had a moment of panic, but it was closely followed by an eagerness to rise to the challenge. Clearly, I'm going to need to be painting something every single day. More, if I'm to tackle the addage of every artist having 1,000 bad drawings/paintings to get out of the way before they're "good." So 3 paintings a night? I suppose it's possible...

Note: I'm going to put this one on long-term notice. As I keep saying, I need to do some more studies (which I've admittedly been slacking on). I'm also getting a lot out of the Environment of the Week competitions. I doubt I'll gain any "status," but that's for when I'm already good, right? ;)


  1. Hey Morgan, good to see you've gotten into the blog action! I'll throw up your link on my blog. I really dig the studies you're doing, they're turning out great. You should check out The guy's a fantastic painter, and if you go back through his blog, he's got a ridiculous amount of info on the science of painting, application of color, etc.

  2. Russel! Good to hear from you! I'll put you in my links, too! I'll definitely check out that blog. Thanks for the tip and the kind words!