Tower Concept (Low Angle) WIP #1

Here's the beginning of a low angle version of the Tower concept I'm working on. This is just a rough color blocking of the composition.

I'm trying to be very conscious of composition and lighting in this one. I'll be using cloud patterns and color to help draw the viewers attention to the tower below. It feels like the eye is floating off the left side, at the moment. I'll puzzle that one out as I add more detail and modify the clouds. Maybe put a flag up on top of the far left mesa that points back toward the tower. The lighting on the near mesa formations on the right feels a little off, as well. I'm going for a stark, gloomy overcast lighting scheme. Looking at it, I definitely need to rework the lighting angle on the rocks. Perhaps I'll just give it a harder light on the far sides. We'll see.

As for the clouds, I started out using a large soft brush. It helped work out the color intensity, but thankfully, I recalled my lesson in the previous post and started using a solid, opaque brush. It looks messy right now, but it feels so much better for this stage of the process. I also kept this in mind, once I started on the rocks. Thanks Daniel!

This one has been pretty fun so far. I love painting from my head. Hey self! Hurry up and jam through your environment studies, so you can do more of this! Speaking of which, I think I'll need to do some mesa studies before I really start detailing this one. I downloaded some reference from today, so you may see a bit of that soon.


I've been thinking about it a bit, and I think I might rotate the whole comp 15 degrees clock-wise using the sun bloom as a pivot. The angle feels a little flat, and I want a slightly unsettling feel to the piece. As a bonus, I think it will help me deal with the composition flaws on the left side.


  1. Nice work with the perspective. Try working some of the sky color into the tops of the towers and lightening them too. It should suggest that they are taller and make the light have a "blooming" effect.

  2. Thanks Holmes! I haven't touched the tower lighting yet, but I will keep your suggestions in mind when I get around to it. They're meant to have a sandstone texture to them (though the base of the main tower and the figures positioned against the near obelisks will have a tarnished bronze/brass feel). I definitely want that blooming effect!

  3. The twist would make for an interesting sky line and remember that black is your friend. Let the view put the nonessential pieces together

  4. Thanks, Tim! I think I know what you're talking about, and I will put it to use. I want a fairly subdued color scheme, but black will help with the stark contrast and offer some drama.